Whybridge Church is a group of people working together to serve God in Rainham and beyond. We are here to share the Good News of eternal life in Jesus Christ with our neighbours and to demonstrate Christian love in our activities. We meet for services on Sunday and have activities for all ages during the week; We make prayer a priority and would be glad to pray for you in your situations.

Our purpose is to worship God through the preaching, and reading of the Bible in conjunction with music, prayer, praise and congregational involvement. To grow in fellowship with one another and God, encouraging us to grow in spiritual maturity and in the use of spiritual gifts given by God according to His choice and purpose.

To reach out with the Good News of Jesus Christ, firstly to the community God has placed us in as a church, and personal contacts in our lives. Then to the greater area of London, the U.K, and to the world, both corporately as a church and individually, as God enables us, through sponsorship, prayer, ministry, and church seeding.

We partner with the following missionary works:

Mill Grove - Mill Grove is the name of the home of a unique extended family and residential community that began as an informal foster family in 1899. It is still a place of love and care where children and young people who cannot live with their own families are cared for, and where families who need accommodation and support can stay. In this homely setting and atmosphere Christians share their lives with children and young people.

Over 1,000 children have lived here for all or part of their childhood and many of these, now living in many different parts of the world, regard Mill Grove as their home. Hundreds more, though continuing to live with their own families, have found it to be a place of acceptance, encouragement and nurture.

Stand by me - formerly Kids Alive - Burma David Spurdle, a teacher from Hornchurch, visited Lebanon and saw some kids who needed help. He didn’t know how he was going to do it, but he committed to caring for 60 orphaned boys, so he founded Kids Alive UK that later became Stand by Me. Since then, they have rescued over 10,000 kids across 11 countries. This is their story so far. You can read more..... Whybridge Christian fellowship adopted Than

Falconer Home - Zambia The Falconer Trust was formed in 1980 by Henry and Irene Webb, and its primary aim is to support the work of Lilias Falconer and the Children’s home that she started in 1949 in Kabulamema, Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia. Henry and Rene both passed away in 2010 and the Director of the Trust is now their son Ken. The trust has a warehouse and office in Norfolk, from where all of the donated goods are stored and dispatched. In May 2014 Neil Starling became the Manager of the Falconer Trust, taking over the day-to-day running of the charity. You can read more