Join us for Worship this Sunday 11.00am 


  • Services at 11.00 am every Sunday All Welcome (Junior Church meets at 11.00 am service) NOTE -
  • We participate in the Lord's Supper once a month during the sunday Service 
  • The Lords supper is open to all believers in Jesus as their Saviour


  •    Church administration Day - Church Pastoral help is available


  •  Coffee, Prayer, and Chat.  @ 11.00 am. 
  • Followed by Bible Study  -  “Bring a friend" (We plan to go Online with this as soon as possible)


  • Flower arranging lessons at 11.00 am (Sandra's flower arranging club for beginners)
  • Available for Youth activity as arranged. 


   Hour of Prayers and intersessions at 06:30 PM      

Looking ahead