Young People Matter to God

      But does God Matter to Young People?  

Is your life is totally great, you may think, you do not need God. 

However do you ever think about lifes big question like why are we here, is their life after death, why should I do good things, why does bad things happen to good people.

 Then God should matter to you He has the answers

Today more and more Young people are finding out that God really does make a difference in their lives. O.K  God has some rules about how to live our lives. Thou shall not do this or do that. However these are not rules to spoil your fun but to increase your life opportunities, relationships, friendships,

At Whybridge you can meet young people like yourselves and explore with others your questions about God and who Jesus really is. His name is used all the time by people, they may know little about Him.


Youth at church Sunday morning at 11.00am