about us

Not a believer? None of us were.  BUT JESUS BROUGHT US A MESSAGE OF HOPE

Whybridge is not a place of perfect people who never get things wrong. It is a place were imperfect people can find answers

  • We teach that Bible is the word of God, 
  • We call people  to a relationship with God, 
  • We teach about living in that relationship with God, how that changes our relationship with others and the world we live in.
  • We understand that Jesus is only way to gain a relationship with God because He alone, has, and can deal with the sin (wrongs we commit against a Holy God) which stands in the way.


Whybridge is an active fellowship and growing church family.  We come from different backgrounds and different places but have a common purpose to glorify God in our lives. 


Our church welcomes all who want to know God weather in a search for the answers or committed in faith, God's word is the authority for morality, and church practice

Our regular Preaching Team

Lucas 3

Evangelist Ambe Lucas - Is a man of God who operates in the business world showing and living by good example to our young people how to live the Christian life. He also has international experience as a preacher and evangelist. His ministry gives a  strong call to follow Jesus and serve the Lord.  


Mr Philip Baker - One of the oldest member of the congregation and grounded in the word of God. He runs the Bible studies which has now gone online due to Covid-19.

keith cullwick  Late Pastor Keith of blessed memory

Late Pastor Keith Cullwick, Keith was at Whybridge for 16+ years. He was the lead Pastor/teacher (preacher) with a heart for evangelism. He graduated from Bible College and Seminary in 1987 in Canada were the family lived for 17 years. Before being called to full time ministry Keith spent time in the hospitality industry with a wide range of experience in food production, food service and management. 

Nate Okonkwo 2 Late Evangelist Nate Okonkwo of blessed memory

Evangelist and Pastoral team member Late Nate Okonkwo - Nate brought to the team a business and airline executive background. He was called of the Lord to serve in the Whybridge pastoral team. He was a wealth of preaching teaching and evangelism experience in Nigeria and demonstrated giftedness for preaching and teaching both here and internationally. He attended a major Bible College in Lagos Nigeria, graduated in 1994

Late Deacon Norman Andrews brought the word of God from a lifetime of experience

fiec logo
We were members of the F.I.E.C (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches) until 31.12.2020. As from 01.01.2021 we have become a charity in England and Wales to the glory of God 

 Our Bible Study Programme (Before Covid-19)

Tuesday Bible study 

Thursday Bible study

Sunday AM - preaching/Teaching during the service

Sunday PM - Preaching/Teaching during the service

(Occasional topics inserted into this programme and breaks for seasonal studies)

Our Mission & Vision

Whybridge Church is a group of people working together to serve God in Rainham. We are here to share the Good News of eternal life in Jesus Christ with our neighbours and to demonstrate Christian love in our activities. We meet for services on Sunday and have activities for all ages during the week; We make prayer a priority and would be glad to pray for you in your situations.

Our purpose is to worship God through the preaching, and reading of the Bible in conjunction with music, prayer, praise and Congregational involvement. To grow in fellowship with one another and God, encouraging us to grow in spiritual maturity and in the use of spiritual gifts given by God according to His choice and purpose.

To reach out with the Good News of Jesus Christ, firstly to the community God has placed us in as a church, and personal contacts in our lives. Then to the greater area of London, the U.K, and to the world, both corporately as a church and individually, as God enables us, through sponsorship, prayer, ministry, and church seeding.